November 2014 Public Meeting

A public meeting for the ongoing Kent State University Airport Master Plan was held on the evening of Thursday, November 20, 2014, at the Stow-Munroe Falls High School. This event involved an open house format and focused on the alternatives development and evaluation process. Materials from the meeting are provided below:

Boards from Public Meeting

  1. Board 1—Introduction
  2. Board 2—Master Plan Process
  3. Board 3—Vision/Scenarios
  4. Board 4—Evaluation Criteria
  5. Board 5—Issues and Needs
  6. Board 6—Scenario 1: No Build
  7. Board 7—Alternative 1
  8. Board 8—Scenario 2:Town Gown
  9. Board 9—Alternative 2A
  10. Board 10—Alternative 2B
  11. Board 11—Scenario 3:Balance Beam
  12. Board 12—Alternative 3A
  13. Board 13—Alternative 3B
  14. Board 14—Scenario 4:Soar
  15. Board 15—Alternative 4A
  16. Board 16—Alternative 4B
  17. Board 17—Next Steps

Fact Sheets #2 and #3

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