Steering Team Members

Kent State University Personnel:

  1. Gregg Floyd, Sr. VP for Finance and Administration (Appointing Authority and Advisory Member)
  2. Anne Brown (Chair), AVP for Business and Administration Services
  3. Tom Euclide, AVP for Facilities Planning and Operations
  4. Iris Harvey, VP for University Relations (Advisory Member)
  5. Connie Hawke, AVP for Compliance and Risk Management
  6. Karen Keenan, Project Manager for Academic Affairs
  7. Rebecca Murphy, AVP for University Communications & Marketing
  8. Maureen McFarland, Aeronautics Program Director
  9. Tim Palcho, Chief Flight Instructor
  10. Dave Poluga, Airport Operations Coordinator
  11. Jeannie Reifsnyder, Senior AVP for Finance and Administration
  12. Willis Walker, VP for Governmental Affairs and General Counsel (Advisory Member)


Agency/Municipal Representatives

  1. Jim Bryant, ODOT Aviation Administrator
  2. Katy Delaney, Community Planner, FAA Detroit Airports District Office
  3. Sara Drew, Mayor of Stow Ohio (back-up representative – Rob Kurtz, City of Stow Planning Director)

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